Denver Internet Exchange Service Fees

Fees listed in this document are valid until December 31, 2023. Discounts are available for those paying fees on a yearly basis or multiyear basis. Full membership is included in all port charges at no additional cost. Those connecting via a fabric extender are afforded an associate membership at no charge.

Port Fees (monthly)

Port Speed First Port Additional Port*
1 Gbps $250 FREE (limited time) $125
10 Gbps $250 FREE (limited time) $125
40 Gbps $750 $700
100 Gbps $1,600 $1,500
400 Gbps $5,000 $4,500

*Additional port fees are applicable for additional ports running at the same speed as the first port.

Miscellaneous Fees

Description Monthly Notes
Private VLAN $50 Per participant in private VLAN per VLAN
IP Remote Host $10 IP addresses assigned to those connecting to the fabric via a fabric extender
Fabric Extender $0 Fabric extenders are remote operators that trunk our fabric to their members
Setup Fee $0 We never charge a setup fee on any product.