A Fabric Extender is a 3rd party that connects switching infrastructure they operate via a circuit to an assigned port, or LAG ports, with Denver IX. This 3rd party then extends the Denver IX fabric to their customers to enable peering at the Denver Internet Exchange. Although restrictions limited, the following policies apply to all Fabric Extenders:

  • All Technical Security Protocol polices are in full-force with a limited exception to MAC addresses which has a set of different set of technical requirements to enable peering with the customers of the Fabric Extender. Fabric Extenders should contact us prior for additional details.
  • Fabric Extenders are expected to filter bogon sources in the data plan at edge ports (RFC1918, RFC6598, documentation nets, and link-local sources). IPv6 filters are similar with an exception for link-local.
  • Fabric Extenders are solely responsible for all infrastructure beyond our demarc (demarcation point) including but not limited to their infrastructure, access circuits and cross-connects, where applicable.
  • Capacity should be monitored for all extended links to the Denver IX fabric and upgrade capacity when necessary. We generally recommend upgrading capacity to Fabric Extenders when peak utilization rate is over 75% of the link rate on a rolling monthly basis.
  • Fabric Extenders are responsible for fees due to Denver IX for issuance of fabric IP addresses to their customers, associated VLANs, and any any other services required of their customers provisioned by Denver IX. An up-to-date list of the associated MAC address the IP address assigned to said MAC address will be provided to Denver IX, as will the public ASN details.
  • Layer 2 MTU between Denver IX infrastructure and Fabric Extender must be greater than or equal to 9000 bytes.
  • Fabric Extender ports will be configured as trunk ports with one tagged VLAN per remote peer network of the Fabric Extender provided.
  • Fabric Extenders must utilize storm-control to match our non-unicast policy.
  • Any desired network can become a Fabric Extender if they follow the policies listed above; reach out to us for additional details or to register as a Fabric Extender.